This is not an propper episode of Gareths World rather an quick audio update of whats happened

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Gareth explores probably the hardest element of AS so far.

Making and keeping good friends.

The Facebook group the comments came from



Gareth discusses an uncommon situation for most people with AS

talking to others with the condition


Odeal thankfully agreed to talk to me about her dealings with sudents she teaches that suffer with the condition.

We discuss how she found out? what she did and also what she knows.

She hosts her own Podcast at: Sendingawave.wordpress.com

and can be followed on twiiter via @karode


Fast Forward - The Admasing Race Podcast

Out of Range (Which i was in vited on to discuss the 1981 Back to the Future Script)

Take Him With you

What happens when i read an email, text, an letter or tweet.

How do i cope when there is non cues to see what is an joke and what is not.

Also i update on help im getting

Trailers Fast forward Amazing Race Podcast Out of Range Podcast Take him with you Podacst Anomaly Podcast

1st I apologize for the late posting of this episode. Research has been not easy on this part of Aspergers.

Thanks for bearing with it.

I cover face communication and the problems there in

Aspergers Card



LOST - Flight 815 www.lostflight815.com/

Take him with you www.takehimwithyou.com/

Out of Range http://www.dangelus.com/podcasts/podcastgen/index.php

Anomaly Podcast http://www.anomalypodcast.com/


Youtube Channel's www.youtube.com/ukgareth316 & www.youtube.com/gareth316

Highway to Mars www.highwaytomars.com

I tackle the subject of why an tone of voice is not picked up by somone with aspergers

Trailers out of range just because anomaly

I cover the Very basics of Social Interaction

Trailers Anomaly Podcast Out of Range Amazing Race - Fast Forward Podcast

I look at how Aspergers is diganosed.

Thanks to all that are listening

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